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How to Become One

Every school can create a Green Team Superhero program and empower the entire community to make a difference. With the leadership of founder, Lisa Dewil, she will work with key school staff to implement and execute a program that will deliver maximum results that includes achieving Eco-Schools USA awards. Under a contract basis, and after identifying the environmental goals of the school, Lisa will roll out the program and develop a comprehensive timeline to execute it. Lisa will either work onsite, attending and managing meetings or work with key personnel who she will feed the information to. It’s flexible, cost effective, impactful, and fun.


Option 1: On-Site Project Manager of Green Team Superheroes

  • Lisa works directly with the Principal, students, and volunteers during on-site weekly meetings.

  • Lisa delivers and over sees a customized plan to ensure the Green Team Superheroes is successfully implemented including scheduling and producing presentation materials.

Option 2:  Off-Site Project Manager of Green Team Superheroes

  • Lisa identifies a key point person at the school who will implement the customized Green Team Superheroes process during weekly meetings.

  • Lisa will manage the timeframe and schedule while delivering presentation materials. 

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