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We were busy in 2019-2020...

Meeting Governor Jared Polis and First Gentleman Marlon Reis during an Executive Order to make Colorado more sustainable... Sitting on the Floor of the House of Representatives while getting a school visit from Representative Lisa Cutter #CutterForColorado... Lobbying Senator Senator Tammy Story during #YouthLobbyDay... Participating in the Colorado Environmental Film Festival... Teaching Evergreen High Schools how to conduct a light audit.. Appearing at the Evergreen's Alliance For Sustainability + You Zero Waste Forum...

And at Wilmot Wildcats Jeffco Public Schools - Colorado - Reducing Light Energy... Recycling Batteries, GoGo Squeeze Tubes and Markers... and Reusing bottle tops for an art project..

All while conducting audits and delivering presentations.

We are leaders, learners, explorers, doers and rock stars!

Together, the Green Team Superheroes of 2020 made a difference!

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