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2019 President's Environmental Youth Award

Congratulations to the Green Team Superheroes of Wilmot Elementary for receiving the President’s Environmental Youth Award (PEYA). This prestigious award is an honor given by both the President of the United States and the EPA to recognize outstanding environmental projects by K-12 youth.  Each year, the PEYA program awards just ten projects in the K-5 category nationally and this year, the Wilmot Elementary Green Team Superheroes are amongst the recipients. This exemplary team of thirteen 4th and 5th grade students have demonstrated hands-on, real-word, problem solving, leadership skills that have put their school at the forefront of sustainability. Week after week, all Green Team Superhero members contributed to and collaborated for what has become an inspirational part of Wilmot Elementary. As a prize, the Green Team Superheroes attended an awards ceremony in Washington DC where they received a plaque honoring them as PEYA winners. Plus, the regional EPA will hosted local events to recognize their achievements.


The Green Team Superheroes also achieved the highest Eco-Schools USA award, the Green Flag.  This top Eco-Schools award is given to those who show excellence in completing three Eco-Schools USA Pathways to Sustainable Development. And out of the 114 registered Eco-Schools in Colorado, Wilmot is amongst the ten schools that have reached this level. Each Green Team Superhero follows a proven method of data collection and analysis where they conduct audits, deliver presentations, advise the principal on action plans they will use to lead and monitor their classroom during school wide sustainability contests. By following the Eco-School’s Pathways, they have diverted $2300 in energy expenses, reduced the amount of school waste while recycling more, and educated their peers on healthy eating habits. It’s these actions that have led to the Green Flag award. 


Eco-Schools USA Green Flag Award

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