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Where They've Been

Not only have the Green Team Superheroes received national awards, but their reach expands beyond the halls of their school. Recently, they were invited to a community wide Zero Waste event where the team delivered the opening remarks in front of about 60 adults, including local experts and a Colorado State Representative! It’s at this event that State Representative Lisa Cutter invited the team to visit the Colorado State Capitol. During this visit, they were recognized by Lisa Cutter and the Colorado House of Representatives during a legislative session. Also during their Capitol visit, Colorado’s First Gentleman, Marlon Reis sat down and talked to the Green Team Superheroes about their accomplishments. After that meeting both Marlon Reis and Lisa Cutter were “green caped,” and became official members of the Green Team Superheroes. Plus, the Green Team Superheroes were invited back to the Capitol where they stood as the back drop to Governor Jared Polis’s announcement of an Executive Order to make the Colorado government more green.


The team was also featured on Fox 31 News where their accomplishments were aired during the morning newscast. They took their annual field trip to the National Renewable Energy Lab where they learned how to build their own wind turbine and toured the facility.  They collaborated overseas, sharing video messages with a group of elementary age students from outside London. They took on and battled waste pollution with the other local elementary school and staffed a booth during the school’s Science Family Night. You could find the Green Team Superheroes displaying their achievements during community Earth Day events, presenting to the High School Environmental Science classes, handing out reusable grocery bags at the local supermarket, and helping another area Green Team present for the first time. They have been featured in the local press and on blogs for the school district and Eco-School USA, spreading their message that together, we can make a difference!

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